Danny’s B-day Show(s) Coming Up!

our singer’s b-day is August 31st, which means it always falls on Labor Day weekend. This year, we’ll be gigging in Lake Tahoe for a private event over that entire weekend, so we won’t be anywhere near Omaha to throw a celebration bash. SO…

join us at Surfside Club (14445 N River Dr, just N of NP Dodge Park) for a free, all-ages, early performance (6-10p). No need for sitters, no need for shoes, no need for dinner plans (catfish, corn fritters, fried chicken) – this place offers everything! Newly renovated, including a great outdoor stage, huge bounce house for the kids, dance area, plenty of seating… all right on the river!!

A rare b-day show for our singer – please join us for this one!

(we’re in Lincoln the entire weekend after we get back, so we’re throwing him a ‘Lincoln b-day bash’ at Cappy’s on Sept 5th to celebrate with our friends in the capital city!)